10 Tips For A Stress Free Wedding Day

 1. Location

Location, Location, Location.  In this case a single location(getting ready/ceremony/reception), while it may be fun/cheaper to hop from one beautiful location to another.  I have found that just being at one location the entire day has been a huge stress relief for Brides and Grooms. This gives you more time to relax instead of packing up/ reminding people to bring specific things/ if your late/ factoring in travel time.  At a single location you are never to far from what is happening.

(Single location Wedding highlight)

 2: Coordinator


While its great for the do it your self brides.  I have found more brides stressed because they did everything and are coordinating while getting in the dress.  Its more freeing to have someone do it for you.  If you cannot afford a coordinator then delegate to a friend after you have worked your magic the days before and just enjoy the day. Remember  you will find its the many little things that will stress you out.  At some point we all must just let go and enjoy the day!


3. Bridal Party

There is a reason that term comes with the word “Party” in it.  I’m telling you, I have seen bridal parties make a small room into a castle.  The people you bring alongside of you are either going to give your drama or help you divert it.  The Bridal party will bring energy to your day, celebrating every step of your amazing day.  If you don’t have a coordinator, most the time your left with your best man or bridesmaid helping with details.  Make sure to communicate your needs so stress is free.


4. First Look

I think if you have talked to your photographer or videographer they might have recommended this already. The first look is seeing the bride before you walk down the isle.  The reason why photographers/videographers recommend this is because it gives us more time with the bride and Groom. When coming out of the ceremony, you are left with a crunch time if not planned right.  This time includes multiple of things, the sun is going down, you need to get family photos at which the photographer is trying to coordinate people fast enough to get, bride and groom photos, bridal party photos, and the reception is about to start.  So having your first look gives you the time to grab intimate photographs/video of the Bride and groom and also the bridal party before the ceremony which can take some stress off the day.  This then giving you more time with friends with family that or even more photo/video time after the ceremony.

5. Venders

Ywill be with us all day, don’t just grab the guy who has the best camera/food which you want, but also the crew you feel will add to your day.  You don’t want to be stuck with a photographer/videographer that is not helping your day, but annoying you just so you can save a few hundred bucks.

6. Clouds/Rain

If your sad because its a cloudy day.  Best day ever for photographers and videographer.  It only means your photos are going to be that much better!  We love those days and so should you.
                            Rain,  if it rains embrace it.  Grab beautiful umbrellas and make some epic photos and video out of it.  It may feel like a bummer that we are all crammed in a tent when we were going to be outside but that’s where the bridal party comes in.  Have fun, enjoy it for what it is and embrace your day!  Had one wedding rain in the middle of July putting them in a small small tent with two people holding umbrellas as the bride try’s to dodge the uncontrollable rain.  Everyone was laughing including the bride as everyones hair got a little bit more fizzy.  I had one bride and groom, have a 200 year old tree fall on there venue and then to be told it was going to rain.   Ended up being the best lit sky with thunder clouds on one side and sunshine on the other (See below).

7. Don’t Get Drunk

You will have your friends, family, brothers, sisters all trying to give you a drink to celebrate.  While that is good, not so good when your drunk on your ceremony.  You know your self so try not to get drunk till the end of the day.  .

8. Hand Your Phone To A Friend

Don’t touch your phone unless your the groom.  Generally then its ok.

9. Eat and Drink Water

 Your going to be going through the day fast and a lot will happen. You may not even feel hungry but please eat.

10. Let Go

  Once you have done everything you can just let go.  don’t let random little things distract you from whats really important and that is the person your going to marry.  I have seen mics fail, rain fall, buildings destroyed, hair catching on fire, brides fainting, running out of food, car crashes, really really late to ceremony/everything,  and many more random incidents.  Its not about perfection its about who you are with. Everything else will just be so let your day be alive and free from control and enjoy it. Laugh, with those around you and remember this day is not about perfection its about love.  What makes this day valuable is not the cake, dress, suits, venue, photos or videographer. Its about loving the person you are about to say “I do” with.

Capture Your Wedding Day

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Timeless Flash Crew

“Timeless” Flash Crew

Flash Crew and Iammoment Productions decided to get together in Roseville California to film Timeless a short dance video.  We ventured out around 10:00pm and ended up getting home around 1:20ish am.  I dont know what it is about dance for me, that has always made my life feel so rich.  I love filming and I love dance.

I had to wake up for another film shoot early the next morning so I was pushing us for time.  We were told we had 2 hours to film before the manager of the place was going to turn off all the lights and or kick us out. We had our own lighting but all the lights around us we thought were going to be turned off. It made us get our shots and move on!  We ended up getting an extra hour than we expected and just left the camera on as we all danced.


Flash Crew is from Redding so as crazy as they are, Flash Crew drove back to Redding after the shoot!  Which is around a 3 hour drive from Roseville. I guess they had to be ready for things they had to do the next day, they told me they got home around 5 am!   The night was magical and was alot of fun!  To see more of Flash Crew go to there youtube page!

Love is Timeless, Always There
Let us become  love, Timeless



Flash Crew-Saviors of The Universe

Flash Crew-Saviors of The Universe Video Release!

Introduction To Flash Crew

By the Videographer: Brandon Burgess
(Behind The Scenes Below)

(Left To Right- Joe Friedman, Tony Meredith, Brady Olsen, Hunterrose Emmons, Nolan Meeks, Brandon Burgess)
Flash Crew

My first experience with flash crew started possibly before they even officially started Flash Crew.   I was talking to Joe Friedman on one of our late night talks around 5:00am,  he told me he remembers seeing this random guy (me) walk on stage to a high school dance performance (at which I was asked to help) and he was like who is this random guy.  Then after seeing my dance he came up to me excited about the dance and we exchanged numbers.  A year or so later I give him a call  and asked if Flash Crew would want to be in a music video made to a song donated to fight sex trafficking (See Below). So Flash Crew drove three hours from Redding to Sacramento to dance in our video on a video set in a little coffee shop called Common Grounds. This was the first time I met the whole crew.  There energy was more than any energy drink could ever offer and the energy of that day I think still lives in everyone who was on that set. They brought so much life to the crowd and everyone there did not want to leave and I believe it has a lot to do with the energy Flash Crew brings.  I asked them what they thought, about doing more video work and they were all in. So here we are now! After three nights at Joe Friedman house staying up later than we should talking, and dreaming about life. This Crew has so much life, its rare to find people who eat, drink and breath what they do, these guys are the real deal.  You actually get to see my day with flash crew below! All I can say is there is no one like Flash Crew See for yourself!

Behind The Scenes – Flash Crew’s Savior of The Universe


See Flash Crew  In “You Are Beautiful” Moment Music Video

Flash Crew Also Performed In A music video ” You Are Beautiful” by: Moment!   The song “You Are Beautiful” was fully donated to help support Courage World Wide in there fight against sex trafficking!  If you have a heart to stop sex trafficking purchase this song its only a dollar!  All the money goes to help those rescued out of sex trafficking!

Flash Crew


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Scoring for Splashed

Not to long ago I was asked by Sean Farrington(the director) to score for an upcoming movie called Splashed. I was really stoked to be apart of it. I honestly dont get to make as much music as I used to since film has been so kind to invade my life.  I absolutely love film and the power it has with music!  I love the combination between the two and man does it get me excited to film to good music! This is a big reason why I will always chose video over photography!  Though Iv been wanting to lean towards photography for weddings a bit more, but back on track Music Music Music!

This film is a local film, filmed with massive budget of zero dollars.  After hearing some of my work, Sean Farrington asked, if I had the time if I could produce some music for his trailer and film.  It was a funny coincidence, because I was just wanting to create an album as if I was scoring for a movie. I don’t know why it never occurred that maybe I should just literately score for a movie. I have been so busy with work that I honestly did not have much time to create as much music as I wanted for the film but Alan Koshiyama offered Sean Farrington two days of his time to produce as much music as he could in those two days.

Alan has mentored me with my craft and shown me a lot in the industry of music and film. So while this was all happening I thought it would be fun to film a piece of the day nothing to crazy just to show the world what we were up to.  Just a side note,  Iammoment Productions did not film the movie,  I was just apart of the music and also just filmed this short clip of our day.
If you want to see more of the film Splashed,  go to the website.  www.splashedthemove.com

Link to the short video of our day in the studio.

Jacobs Pillow Performance

I am not only a videographer but also a dancer. I did not plan this, I simply fell vigorously in love with movement. I was so passionate about dancing that during lunch at work,  I would drive back to my apartment just to watch dance videos or dance. I had no idea where it would take me,  I simply loved it.  After many years of dancing, I put my dancing shoes away (figuratively speaking).  For just a year ago I suffered two knee injury’s. One from being hit by a car, and another from over training.

Just a few months ago, I tried out for So You Think You Can Dance, but only to kiss dance goodbye. I went to celebrate all the amazing years God had given me, and to enjoy the passion at such dance auditions. I had hoped I would make it through the first round at least, but I knew my knee’s would have hard time keeping up with the competition. I was one of the last hip hop dancers to dance and didn’t make it through.  I was somewhat thankful, because my knees were throbbing just after 30 seconds of dance, but truly inside I wanted to continue to dance.  So I walked the streets of L.A with my life- long friend Josh Schauder, thinking what could be next?

A month later I got a call from Summer Odell the director of Artesan Dance Company asking if I could dance for a performance at Jacobs Pillow.  I have danced many times with Artesan, but I felt hesitant because of my knees.  I didn’t think too long, because how could I turn this down. So I said yes. Little did I know how much life and joy this trip would give me.  I did not know how much of me had settled. The artist in me was going to be passionately challenged.

Artesan has and always will be more than a dance company. They are an amazing family. The first few weeks back in the studio I was being  constantly challenged in ways I had not expected.  I found myself babying my knees, and realized that parts of me were keeping my heart from truly believing for greater things. I was out of shape, compared to my good friend Eero,  and his million push ups. I was also dangerously out stretched by Claudia’s crazy pilates. I was even having a hard time making it through the full rehearsal performance’s. I was nervous that I wouldn’t perform the way I wanted, and I’m sure Summer was nervous as well.

(I’m the bent knees hidden behind all the awesomeness)

Though thank God, as time went by, my injury became stronger and so did I. Summer Odell (Dance Director) and Diane (Acting Teacher) kept challenging me. Some days they spoke directly to me which felt like most of the rehearsal. I was being stretched from the inside out, challenged to see myself greater and to never settle for anything less.

(Claudia, Esther)

I had the honor of seeing the heart of dance again. I’ll never forget hearing Summer Odell’s heart one rehearsal. Feeling the overwhelming joy and intensity that there was no plan B for this artist.  That she gave everything she had for us to be here, and felt joy in doing so!  Being artists, we are to give our all dangerously for what we are called and love to do. I remember being pushed by Diane (acting teacher) to truly become an extraordinary performer. I remember asking what if they don’t like me? She reply’s”who cares if they don’t like you, you have something to give, and that is your job as an artist; to give”. As she put it we were pushing a rock up a hill, and if one of us for a second stopped giving our all, the rock would crush us. We must give our all.

We few out from San Fran to perform and we gave Jacobs pillow everything we had.

(Fred, Eero, Me, Rehearsal at Jacobs Pillow )

We came up from those stairs exhausted living fully in the present, giving to those who were there the gifts we had, family, love, joy, dreams, passion, hope, dance and so much more. We had a packed, outdoor theater, and received a standing ovation. The response was overwhelming and I was so blessed to be apart of that performance! To all my family of dancers, I love you and am so blessed to be apart of your lives! I am a truly rich person with you in my life!

(Me, Jake, Esther, Summer, Claudia, Eero, Natasha, Fred, Mike, Diane, Madzia)

To the artist in you. “The moment when you become what is now set before you, the challenge to become your dream. When you observe the magic or wonder in life and dare to capture it.  When you can’t stand the idea of not being in the center of what is happening.  Refusing to miss the amazing life that surrounds you, and all that makes up this very moment in history. You hear the call. To paint the very canvas, time has given you. For you to become the romance given to an unforgettable kiss. The extravagant dancer that becomes one with sound. To be the artist with abounding expressions. The voice that carries the unheard hearts into an anthem of hope. You are truly one of a kind, no one before you or ahead has what you are to bring. For it is and forever will be your privilege and honor to express what is inside of you. Your expressions are extravagant and with out void, always challenging, always accepting.  Living dangerously vulnerable, for a great cause. For you are an artist.”

If you want to see more pictures or even videos!  Go to Artesan Dance Facebook page!

Balloons, Kisses, and Love

Just two nights ago I filmed from 8:00 pm to 12:00am for Ashley and Nick’s crazy engagement Video.  The Video is filled with bike rides, balloons, kisses, and love.  This video consisted of two film days, one of them was just two nights ago.  The other day we filmed was a bright sunny afternoon of them riding their bikes with balloons in there hands going to a large grassy hill to set a balloon free.


balloons rides asdfddde

After filming them on a dead end street, riding there bikes we were pulled over by a cop.  I had no idea the cop was behind me till I saw Nick pointing at him.  The cop was just wondering why I was filming the couple on there bikes while hanging out the car window.  He was nice and let me go but just informing the driver who was Cassandra to stay on the right side of the road! Ashley and Nick were excited that I had captured a very small amount of the event.

heart 7


The second film day was a horribly windy night for an interview.  The wind was interfering with the mic, so we set up a large wind catcher. After the wind catcher being blown over, along with our lights we started to weight them down. After setting it all up and hearing the wind we had them tell there story between windy moments.  I’m very particular about my sound and video, but Ashley and nick have been so busy so this night was it.  The wind can be heard in parts of the interview but nothing to bad.  Ashley and Nick had fun in a magical stage set up for the two of them.


At he end of the video they decided to inhale the helium from there balloons, kiss and share there love to each other in there new found voices.  It was something to behold and will be in the video!   If you want to be informed when this video will be posted just like my Facebook page to get the notice! Till then there are other videos on my Portfolio Page! If you want a quote for an engagement video just go to this link and fill out the form!  over all the night shoot was hard work but was a fun shoot!


Engagement Video

I had the honor of filming an engagement video with Rachelle and Andrew about two weeks ago!  The video we filmed was about how they met and came to the conclusion they wanted to spend rest of there lives together!  I know I am a guy but I honestly love hearing a couples love story!  I have the video finished so I’ll will be posting the video in a few days on my website, I love the feeling of finished projects! If you want to be notified about new videos  just like my facebook page. We decided to film this engagement video at the Sacramento State Capital. It was actually the first time I have ever been there in the five years that I have lived in California, and If I’m not mistaken I believe it was their first time as well! It was quite and had a surprisingly open feeling about it, even though it being surrounded by the city.  I loved the view of the road leading to the Tower Bridge just 2 minutes away,where we also went to film!  I scored the music to the video, which you should definitely check it out! It was a fun day and perfect day!

Rachelle engagement vid Rachelle1 Rachelle2

Filming An Info Video for Direct Buy

It was an early California morning when I received a early phone call from Alan Koshiyama, an award winning composer, a music teacher at William Jessup University, and film directer. He had called, to ask me to join him in filming an informational video for Direct Buy. I honestly never heard of Direct Buy, I thought he said Best Buy. I quickly got my things together and ran out the door.  I look up to Alan as an artist, and leader in the industry ,so I always love the time that I can hang with him regardless of our mission. The film shoot ended up being around a 15 hour day, longer for Shawn and Alan who were there hours before I received the call to join them. Direct Buy had closed the whole store for us so that way we could film away.   When I arrived Alan quickly threw me on camera B as he monitored the angles and directed those that were being filmed.  We filmed with the 5d mark 11, with many rooms to choose from.   It was about 7:00pm when we started to realize this is going to be a lot longer than I or probably anyone anticipated.  We ended up cleaning up and leaving around 12:00 am. When we were on our final shoot and everyone was ready to go home one of the cameras decided to over heat and not turn on.  Luckily I had my 5d mark 11  in the car and we just quickly adjusted the settings and kept rolling to the finish line!  This is a poor picture below of the film shoot from my up to date flip phone, just in case you were questioning what camera this amazing quality of a photo came from.  Once again I had a blast filming and a fun time getting to know Shawn and Alan at Direct Buy.


Men of Adventure

Just this weekend I had the privilege to go to Adventure Church’s mens retreat to capture the trip on film. The event was held at the Woodleaf Conference Center in California about a two hour drive from my home in Roseville. The place was an amazing camp, from a giant lake, to long hiking trails, and amazing Frisbee golf coarse, the place was beautiful.  The first day we had someone dive in the 50 degree lake for 50 dollars in gift cards.  The following day lead to air soft wars, driving range into the lake, amazing worship, Speakers, Frisbee golf, fishing, pool, table tennis and hiking.  It started to rain Saturday morning but it ended up calming down mid day.   The trip was very fun and i met a lot of great people they were truly men of adventure! I will have a 2 minute video highlight made for the church that will be up soon as well but will be posted on my portfolio page.





Frisbee Golf Gunss

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