I wrote this song thinking about how quickly we define ourselves and measure our worth based on circumstances or views. Its weird how quickly we measure our worth every day by how much we make, what job we work at, how old we are and how it measures based on societies views and standards. Like am I, married, boyfriend, girlfriend, am I liked, what do I drive, do I own a house, rent and so on. I have high expectations of myself and when I do not met them I quickly define myself and can get sad or even puffed up when I exceed or measure up. I dont see anything wrong with any of those things like growth, excellence, or being challenged.  I just like to remember what is most important and how quickly we can Define our lives around things that really are just apart of our lives not our definition.   I saw this song as an expression of my self breaking all that could define myself outside of love. I believe God is love but whether you believe God is love or not. Love is an irrevocable truth we all need. So let your life become love and so let your definition be in Love.