Flash Crew-Saviors of The Universe

Flash Crew-Saviors of The Universe Video Release!

Introduction To Flash Crew

By the Videographer: Brandon Burgess
(Behind The Scenes Below)

(Left To Right- Joe Friedman, Tony Meredith, Brady Olsen, Hunterrose Emmons, Nolan Meeks, Brandon Burgess)
Flash Crew

My first experience with flash crew started possibly before they even officially started Flash Crew.   I was talking to Joe Friedman on one of our late night talks around 5:00am,  he told me he remembers seeing this random guy (me) walk on stage to a high school dance performance (at which I was asked to help) and he was like who is this random guy.  Then after seeing my dance he came up to me excited about the dance and we exchanged numbers.  A year or so later I give him a call  and asked if Flash Crew would want to be in a music video made to a song donated to fight sex trafficking (See Below). So Flash Crew drove three hours from Redding to Sacramento to dance in our video on a video set in a little coffee shop called Common Grounds. This was the first time I met the whole crew.  There energy was more than any energy drink could ever offer and the energy of that day I think still lives in everyone who was on that set. They brought so much life to the crowd and everyone there did not want to leave and I believe it has a lot to do with the energy Flash Crew brings.  I asked them what they thought, about doing more video work and they were all in. So here we are now! After three nights at Joe Friedman house staying up later than we should talking, and dreaming about life. This Crew has so much life, its rare to find people who eat, drink and breath what they do, these guys are the real deal.  You actually get to see my day with flash crew below! All I can say is there is no one like Flash Crew See for yourself!

Behind The Scenes – Flash Crew’s Savior of The Universe


See Flash Crew  In “You Are Beautiful” Moment Music Video

Flash Crew Also Performed In A music video ” You Are Beautiful” by: Moment!   The song “You Are Beautiful” was fully donated to help support Courage World Wide in there fight against sex trafficking!  If you have a heart to stop sex trafficking purchase this song its only a dollar!  All the money goes to help those rescued out of sex trafficking!

Flash Crew


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