10 Tips For A Stress Free Wedding Day

 1. Location

Location, Location, Location.  In this case a single location(getting ready/ceremony/reception), while it may be fun/cheaper to hop from one beautiful location to another.  I have found that just being at one location the entire day has been a huge stress relief for Brides and Grooms. This gives you more time to relax instead of packing up/ reminding people to bring specific things/ if your late/ factoring in travel time.  At a single location you are never to far from what is happening.

(Single location Wedding highlight)

 2: Coordinator


While its great for the do it your self brides.  I have found more brides stressed because they did everything and are coordinating while getting in the dress.  Its more freeing to have someone do it for you.  If you cannot afford a coordinator then delegate to a friend after you have worked your magic the days before and just enjoy the day. Remember  you will find its the many little things that will stress you out.  At some point we all must just let go and enjoy the day!


3. Bridal Party

There is a reason that term comes with the word “Party” in it.  I’m telling you, I have seen bridal parties make a small room into a castle.  The people you bring alongside of you are either going to give your drama or help you divert it.  The Bridal party will bring energy to your day, celebrating every step of your amazing day.  If you don’t have a coordinator, most the time your left with your best man or bridesmaid helping with details.  Make sure to communicate your needs so stress is free.


4. First Look

I think if you have talked to your photographer or videographer they might have recommended this already. The first look is seeing the bride before you walk down the isle.  The reason why photographers/videographers recommend this is because it gives us more time with the bride and Groom. When coming out of the ceremony, you are left with a crunch time if not planned right.  This time includes multiple of things, the sun is going down, you need to get family photos at which the photographer is trying to coordinate people fast enough to get, bride and groom photos, bridal party photos, and the reception is about to start.  So having your first look gives you the time to grab intimate photographs/video of the Bride and groom and also the bridal party before the ceremony which can take some stress off the day.  This then giving you more time with friends with family that or even more photo/video time after the ceremony.

5. Venders

Ywill be with us all day, don’t just grab the guy who has the best camera/food which you want, but also the crew you feel will add to your day.  You don’t want to be stuck with a photographer/videographer that is not helping your day, but annoying you just so you can save a few hundred bucks.

6. Clouds/Rain

If your sad because its a cloudy day.  Best day ever for photographers and videographer.  It only means your photos are going to be that much better!  We love those days and so should you.
                            Rain,  if it rains embrace it.  Grab beautiful umbrellas and make some epic photos and video out of it.  It may feel like a bummer that we are all crammed in a tent when we were going to be outside but that’s where the bridal party comes in.  Have fun, enjoy it for what it is and embrace your day!  Had one wedding rain in the middle of July putting them in a small small tent with two people holding umbrellas as the bride try’s to dodge the uncontrollable rain.  Everyone was laughing including the bride as everyones hair got a little bit more fizzy.  I had one bride and groom, have a 200 year old tree fall on there venue and then to be told it was going to rain.   Ended up being the best lit sky with thunder clouds on one side and sunshine on the other (See below).

7. Don’t Get Drunk

You will have your friends, family, brothers, sisters all trying to give you a drink to celebrate.  While that is good, not so good when your drunk on your ceremony.  You know your self so try not to get drunk till the end of the day.  .

8. Hand Your Phone To A Friend

Don’t touch your phone unless your the groom.  Generally then its ok.

9. Eat and Drink Water

 Your going to be going through the day fast and a lot will happen. You may not even feel hungry but please eat.

10. Let Go

  Once you have done everything you can just let go.  don’t let random little things distract you from whats really important and that is the person your going to marry.  I have seen mics fail, rain fall, buildings destroyed, hair catching on fire, brides fainting, running out of food, car crashes, really really late to ceremony/everything,  and many more random incidents.  Its not about perfection its about who you are with. Everything else will just be so let your day be alive and free from control and enjoy it. Laugh, with those around you and remember this day is not about perfection its about love.  What makes this day valuable is not the cake, dress, suits, venue, photos or videographer. Its about loving the person you are about to say “I do” with.

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